Cultural Impact of CPEC on Pakistan and China


  • Syed Asad Ali Shah Riphah International University, Islamabad Pakistan



CPEC, cultural impact of CPEC, Pak-China relations, Sino-Pak relations, Belt and Road initiative, cultural diplomacy


This article explores the cultural impact of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on both Pakistan and China. CPEC is a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project aimed at improving connectivity between the two countries through the construction of roads, railways, industrial zones, energy corridors, and other infrastructure. While much attention has been paid to the economic and geopolitical implications of CPEC, this article focuses on its cultural implications. Through an analysis of media coverage and a review of scholarly literature, this article examines how CPEC has affected cultural exchange, identity formation, and perceptions of China and Pakistan among their respective populations. It finds that CPEC has led to increased cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the two countries that lead to improved bilateral relations between the two long-lasting friendly nations, Pakistan and China. These findings have important implications for policymakers and suggest the need for a more nuanced approach to cultural diplomacy in the context of CPEC.



DOI: 10.56556/jssms.v2i1.475

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Shah, S. A. A. (2023). Cultural Impact of CPEC on Pakistan and China. Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies, 2(1), 43–48.



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