Article Processing Charges

Open Access (OA) and Article Processing Charges (APCs) Policy

1. Open Access

The Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies (JSSMS) publish articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License which permit open access and free and immediate online availability of scholarly literature for anyone worldwide to read, distribute, and reuse.  

JSSMS is committed to making research accessible to all; thus, any researcher, regardless of location or funding source, can publish open access in JSSMS. We provide a variety of APC pricing options to make open access reasonable for all academics, and all articles published in our journal are promptly and permanently available online for free. Article processing charges (APCs) paid by authors, institutions, or funders cover the costs of publishing these papers. APCs are our sole source of revenue, allowing us to offer a high-quality publishing service that includes rigorous peer review, cutting-edge technology, and global distribution.

2. Article Processing Charges (APC) Structure

JSSMS charges a publication fee to cover the costs of peer review, editing, production, and hosting. This fee helps to ensure that the journal can continue to provide a high-quality publishing service. Please see the table below for APC charges. There is no submission or other fee for JSSMS.

2.1 Wavier Policy

JSSMS is committed to making academic knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of financial barriers. As such, authors and institutions with limited funds may be eligible for a waiver of the article processing charge (APC).  JSSMS has developed a waiver policy for authors from low and middle-income countries

Check your country here. World Bank list of Economies

2.2 Exemptions and Discounts

APC is based on the affiliation of first and corresponding author. Only the principal and corresponding authors can claim an exemption or a discount on the publication fee (author fee). Please see the table below for details;

Note:  Authors who are interested in applying for a waiver could contact the journal and provide the filled waiver request form. JSSMS reserves the right to approve or reject a waiver application.

Corresponding/First Author’s Affiliation

APC in US $

High-Income Countries

$ 200

Middle-Income Countries (Lower and Upper)*

$ 150

Low-Income Counties

$ 100

3. Article Processing Charge Covered Journal Operation

We are committed to making the costs of publishing as clear as possible. The article processing charge covers the costs of turning a manuscript into a finished article and hosting, distributing and promoting an article. 

When a manuscript is submitted, it passes through different stages at JSSMS to ensure the quality checks, peer review, production and promotion of articles are carried out promptly and to a high standard:

  • The Editorial Screening team performs initial technical and ethical checks.
  • The Editorial team helps the journal's Academic Editors manage the review process.
  • The Production team converts the manuscript to a professionally typeset article.
  • The Proofing team coordinates the proofing process.
  • The Editorial Quality Assurance team performs a final check to ensure that the manuscript and its review process adhere to the journal's guidelines and policies.
  • The Marketing and Communication team ensures that the article receives the attention it deserves.
  • The Technology team builds and maintains the systems and develops new systems.
  • Journal indexing, archiving in all relevant academic and national databases etc

The work these teams do contributes to the requirement of an APC, which is why the actual amount payable may vary with time.