About the Journal


Journal of Agriculture Sustainability and Environment (JASE) ISSN:2997-271X is an international open access journal publishes high quality research in the area of agriculture environment, sustainable agriculture and other closely related fields. JASE publishes original research articles, review articles, mini reviews and case reports. Authors can submit both experimental and theoretical work for possible publication.

Aim and Scope

The scope of the journal includes; agriculture impacts on the environment, effective agricultural techniques and practices for sustainable food production, soil and plant interaction, plant biology, environmental conservation, and biodiversity preservation on agricultural lands,  agroforestry, forest ecology, forest management,  climate change and its implications on agriculture and food security, sustainable water management and its role in agriculture,  agroecology and its contribution to sustainable development, innovations in agricultural technology for enhanced sustainability, Fertilizer management, soil fertility, soil microbiome, organic farming etc.
Keywords: Agriculture, environment, sustainable agriculture, sustainability, environmental science, environmental policy, agriculture policy, mechanistic understanding, sustainable approaches, plant, soil, biodiversity, biotechnology, crop production, ecology, land management practice, harvesting, fertilizing, irrigation, soil health, soil ecology, biogeography, flood, sustainable crop farming practices, crop nutrition, protected cropping, vertical cropping, climate change, agronomy, grazing, water management, sustainable agriculture.

Article types

Journal of Agriculture Sustainability and Environment publishes:

  • Full papers
  • Reviews
  • Minireviews

Journal Basics information

  • Serial type: Journal
  • Format: Electronic version
  • Format: Electronic version
  • Peer Review: Double-blind-peer review
  • Website:  https://www.jescae.com/index.php/jase
  • Editor: Dr. Izhar Ali (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Frequency: Semiannual
  • Content type: Academic/Scholarly
  • Language: English
  • Status: Active
  • Publisher:  Global Scientific Research