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The capacity to retain existing customers while ensuring their utmost satisfaction across diverse aspects is vital for businesses to prosper and widen their customer base. The goal of this research is to provide a comprehensive framework for deciphering customer happiness in the continually changing restaurant industry, incorporating all critical components of the idea. The research methodology integrated secondary research and quantitative techniques to shed light on customer satisfaction. Convenience sampling was used for collecting data, and structural equation modelling (SEM) was applied to analyse the results. The primary purpose of this study is to contribute new knowledge about customer satisfaction, specifically in the Myanmar restaurant industry.</p> Theingi Aung Sui Reng Liana Arkar Htet Amiya Bhaumik Copyright (c) 2024 2023-11-06 2023-11-06 3 1 1 15 10.56556/jssms.v3i1.644 Awareness of Enhancing Pragmatic Competence Via Movies and Effectiveness of Teaching Conversational Implicature Using Films <p>Rapid advancements in language technologies have created enormous opportunities for teaching and learning a second language. Using films as an aid is the best teaching method available to support students and also to enable them to study in a purposeful manner with fun and entertainment. Films are one of the infrequently used multimedia technologies. In this light this study focuses on the value of understanding the meaning behind the individual’s utterances, the complexity of speech in a language, and the knowledge of teaching and learning conversational implicature through movies. This research investigates the perception of implicature via a questionnaire to EFL learners in Saudi Arabia, where, as in East Asian countries, English is acquired as a foreign language. There were 441 respondents. Also this descriptive qualitative study lists the floutings of Paul Grice’s Cooperative Principle (1975) and the implicature in<em> Plane </em>Movie. In real life in queer situations if asked a personal question, to which they are reluctant to reply, 66.5% of the respondents chose to opt for flouting Maxim of Relevance, whereas 32.4% opted for flouting to the quality maxim Their responses to the question of whether language learning can be done through regular classroom studies ormovies, or both, came out in favor of both. In contrast to the 22.1% who said they could only acquire the language through studies and the 23.2% who said they could only learn it from movies, 54.7% of respondents said they could learn the language in both situations. The study suggests that in order to teach pragmatic concepts like conversational implicature, English curriculum should also contain visual aids like movies, and language teachers should use them while assigning homework or assignments. This study’s findings has significant repercussions that might be advantageous to EFL/ESL students, teachers, and curriculum designers.</p> Wejdan Ammash Alharbi Jayashree Premkumar Shet Copyright (c) 2024 2023-11-08 2023-11-08 3 1 16 33 10.56556/jssms.v3i1.654 The impact of Board Experience on Firm Performance: Evidence from Pakistan <p>This study shows that how Board experience as corporate governance Facets effect on firm performance (Evidence from Pakistan). The sample size of the study was 100 non-financial companies listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange selected through purposive sampling technique while covering the time period from 2010 to 2019. The result concluded that a significant relationship exists between Board working Experience (BWE) and Firm Performance. The result shows that increase the percentage of board working experience can better monitor all the activities of firms and avoid the firms to get higher debts which leads to better firm performance and mitigate the Effect of Default Risk. The importance of the study is that it highlights the different dimensions of female Board Member as corporate Governance facets which may be useful for investors before making any investment decisions. The existing literature is mostly related to the developed countries. In this view, this study may also have enhanced contribution in the literature because its results pertain to an emerging economy of Pakistan.</p> Amir Sohail Yingbo Wang Wahid Raza Copyright (c) 2024 2023-11-28 2023-11-28 3 1 34 42 10.56556/jssms.v3i1.664 How can the participation of private enterprises promote the high-quality development of state-owned mixed enterprises? <p>The participation of private capital in the mixed ownership reform of SOEs is an important measure to maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets. From the theoretical perspective of sharing economy, this paper uses Chinese data to study the impact of private enterprise participation on the high quality of state-owned mixed enterprises. This paper draws the following conclusions: (1) The participation of private enterprises can significantly improve the development quality of state-owned mixed enterprises, and this conclusion is also valid after dealing with the endogenous problem of the model. (2) The empirical results of profit-sharing heterogeneity show that when SOEs are willing to share their profits with private enterprises, private enterprises may show high vitality, which has a more obvious effect on improving the development quality of state-owned mixed enterprises. Therefore, in the process of reform, SOEs should be encouraged to transfer part of their profits to private enterprises, and at the same time, efforts should be made to create a good environment for the development of private enterprises, so that private entrepreneurs can fully stimulate their own entrepreneurial spirit.</p> Xulu Itbar Khan Zhi-qiang Zhou Copyright (c) 2024 2023-11-29 2023-11-29 3 1 43 55 10.56556/jssms.v3i1.681 The impact of social media on tourists' decision-making process: An empirical study based on Bangladesh <p>This study examines the impact of social media on the behavior and decision-making processes of travelers while choosing places Social media platforms serve as channels for travelers to gain inspiration and plan their journeys, while also providing opportunities for tourism enterprises to promote services, engage with consumers, and evaluate visitor sentiments. A comprehensive survey, including of primary and secondary data, was distributed to 388 participants, mostly consisting of students, educators, teachers, private business owners, and government people. The data analysis was performed using Microsoft Excel and IBM SPSS 25, which included the use of descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis. The survey results indicate that social media has a notable beneficial effect on tourists' decision-making processes when choosing a destination. Nine out of ten variables are identified as having a significant impact on social media usage in tourism decision-making through multiple regression analysis. This empirical study highlights the significance of marketers understanding visitor behavior and decision-making processes, recognizing their potential influence on brand loyalty, customer happiness, and situational dynamics. Hence, it is imperative for tourism stakeholders to integrate social media factors into the strategic development of tourism offerings. Social media has become an essential tool for both travelers and travel firms in modern culture. The research clearly demonstrates that social media has a substantial impact on visitor behavior. The overriding result suggests a significant influence of social media on the travel patterns of visitors from Bangladesh. It is recommended that policymakers and tourist marketers utilise social media channels to strengthen the development of tourism in Bangladesh. This study provides significant information for professionals and policymakers who are looking to handle the ever-changing impact of social media on travel behavior and decision-making.</p> Sanjoy Kumar Acharjee Tanvir Ahmed Copyright (c) 2024 2023-11-29 2023-11-29 3 1 56 71 10.56556/jssms.v3i1.685 Corporate Social Responsibility and Risk: Evidence from various countries <p>This study investigates the relationship between corporate social responsibility and default risk. The usage of a significant sample size of companies from 42 nations between 2006 and 2020, this investigation examines the connection between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and counterparty risk, concentrating on the discrepancy impact conditional on the intervals of time limits. We discover that corporate social responsibility is negatively related to the default probability, and the impact is more potent in the long run than in the short term. In addition, the effect of corporate social responsibility on company nonpayment probability seems to be more significant in international locations with weaker securities markets and legal institutions. This study is unique in the field of CSR and Default risk. Our results generally assist corporate social responsibility's position in filling institutional voids.</p> Shahid Hussain Saad ur Rehman Copyright (c) 2024 2024-02-04 2024-02-04 3 1 72 83 10.56556/jssms.v3i1.725