The Empirical Study on TAM Framework towards the Shift into the Working from Home Culture in Malaysia




post pandemic, employees, working from home, Malaysia, technology acceptance model


This study focuses on the empirical study on the acceptance in the working from home in the post pandemic in the new normal of working environment in Malaysia. The impact from the pandemic had observe the rise of the new trend in the working from home arrangement which had become the new norm in the corporate employees working approach. However, there is still lack of evidence to point out that the working from home is widely acceptance by the employees in Malaysia, especially with the lifted up on the restriction on the on the lockdown where returning to office become an option for the employees. The previous suggestion suggested that the work from home approach will become the new trend for the new normal where majority of the previous study did provide the suggestion indicating there will be significant relationship from the perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use derived from the technology acceptance model (TAM) framework. This study will focus in the application of the quantitative research method which observe the data analysis using the sample size of 150 respondents selected from the target population among the working employees in Malaysia. The result from the findings of the study had shown only the perceived usefulness had been identified with supporting evidence to point out the significant in the relationship towards the employee’s acceptance in working from home but the perceived ease of use failed to show any existence of the evidence which suggest otherwise. The outcome of the study had provided significant contribution towards the corporate and academic where the research limitations and suggestion for the future research had been drawn to conclude the overall research study.



DOI: 10.56556/jssms.v2i1.338

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Yeoh, W. W. (2022). The Empirical Study on TAM Framework towards the Shift into the Working from Home Culture in Malaysia. Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies, 2(1), 8–13.



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