Sustainable Financial Technology through Regulation Technology: The Asian Experience


  • Shahid Hussain Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar khan, Pakistan
  • Saad ur Rehman Superior University, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan



Big Data, Data Privacy, Sustainable FinTech, Regulatory Technology, Transparency in Algorithms


Therefore, it is critical to study the legal challenges that impede the development of Fintech using an analytical methodology and a bibliographic collection of legal answers in order to create an appropriate RegTech that authorizes their development. The financial technology (Fintech) industry is often believed to have great promise for bringing about a more equitable and sustainable society. That is to say, effective use of this technology could help bridge the gap across the world's socioeconomic classes. However, up to now, the particular legislative frameworks (RegTech) that have been built for Fintech have made its adoption more challenging in addition to the general lack of faith in new technology. However, in order to consolidate Fintech, it is vital to create the right regulations that will make these novel technologies become standard components of our financial system. By focusing on the protections built into this fundamental right, the key challenge that must be overcome is the legal protection of personal data. As a result, if the legal system is going to be ready for the Digital Revolution, people can't worry about losing rights or seeing an increase in inequality.



DOI: 10.56556/jtie.v2i4.713

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Hussain, S., & Rehman, S. ur. (2023). Sustainable Financial Technology through Regulation Technology: The Asian Experience. Journal of Technology Innovations and Energy, 2(4), 67–79.



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