Fire Properties of Hybrid Composites


  • Ibrahim Mohammed Air Force Institute of Technology Kaduna, Nigeria



Automotive, burner, calibration, heat flux, thermal conductivity


Thermal conductivity of  a components subjected to high temperature is an important property to be considered in a materials to be used in automobile  and aerospace fire designated zones; likewise, it is availability, cost, stiffness, resistant to corrosion, and its strength. The main aim of the study is to investigate the fire behavioural properties of fibre metal laminates (FML) composite of a metal, synthetic, natural and polymer matrix. The composites were fabricated in a mould using hand lay-up method and allow to cured before test.. The fire property test was carried out using the standard properties test equipment as ISO 2685 propane burner thermocouples and heat flux meter. The result of the properties test shows a remarkable increase in the properties of only natural fibre metal laminate composites, with a slight decrease in the properties of pure synthetic fibre metal laminates. Flax composite has a high percentage of 21.43% of thermal conductivity and withstand the flame temperature for 15 minutes using an ISO 2685 standard while kenaf composite fail at 10 minutes 30 seconds, Conclusively, the composites can be used as the component in fire designated zones of automotive, aerospace and other machines.



DOI: 10.56556/jtie.v1i3.235

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Mohammed, I. (2022). Fire Properties of Hybrid Composites. Journal of Technology Innovations and Energy, 1(3), 4–8.



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