Publishing information

Global Scientific Research is one of the world's leading academic publishers publishing the diverse fields of science, technology, Economics, business management and so on.

Our mission is to develop knowledge-based services of the highest quality for the academic, scientific, professional, research, and student communities worldwide.

To this end, Global Scientific Research is committed to serving the academic community through the timely dissemination of knowledge and information through all channels of publication. Our commitment to achieving our mission includes providing unrestricted access to everyone.

We deliver your content to your audience at the optimal time and via the most appropriate channel.

How do we do it?

Global Scientific Research's editorial policy and direction are guided by an International Advisory Board comprised of renowned academics from various disciplines, including Nobel laureates and directors of prestigious universities, research institutes, and organizations.

Additionally, the company employs a team of dynamic Acquisition Editors, the majority of whom are PhD holders and academics. They endeavor to develop Global Scientific's publishing program in their respective subject areas by commissioning high-quality projects of topical interest and strong scientific value, utilizing their professional knowledge and expertise to the fullest extent possible.

To ensure that our publications adhere to the highest standards, we employ a team of Production Editors with equivalent levels of experience. Our editors are kept up-to-date with the most recent production techniques by constant upgrading and ongoing professional training. In addition, they attend key conferences around the globe to network with authors and contributors and stay abreast of the most recent trends and developments in their respective fields.